RVP will fix your problem! We will handle it all for you!
Raymond Vauclair Projects Ltd. provides experienced and qualified services for all your load adjustments, reload needs, transfers.
At RVP we follow AAR Rules, AAR Open Top Loading Rules and all industry safety standards.
RAC load adjustment certified, E-Rail Safe Canada certified for CN Rail & CP Rail. We will go where your rail car has been stopped for correction.
We own specialized equipment such as conveyors, picker truck, loaders, excavators, forklifts, magnets and a fleet of trucks and trailers to haul your product to destination. We also have access to specialty equipment such as shears and cranes. We only use AAR Approved supplies and materials.

Our equipment consists of:

Service we provide

  • blocking and bracing
  • banding (nylon & steel)
  • transfers
  • load adjustment
  • load reduction
  • rail car cleaning
  • delivery of your product to any facility
  • derailment clean ups
  • tarp loads

Types of products we can handle

  • all types of dry chemical bulk
  • all types of bulk
  • all type of grains
  • all steel products
  • all lumber product
  • all type of container cargo

Type of Railcars we can handle

  • gondolas & covered gondolas
  • bulkheads
  • bulkhead flats
  • flat cars
  • box cars
  • hoppers & covered hoppers
  • IMS – containers etc.