With approximately 4,000 Access/Rig Mats available we can cover what you need covered!
We handle all deliveries in-house which means, we are ready to deliver what you need, when you need!Mat Size:
8’ (width) x 14’ (length)Rental Rates:

*Effective May 1st 2017*

$2.25 per day per mat with minimum 28 day rental.

Rental rates in excess of 28 days call for special pricing

*taxes and cartage are extra.

What are Access / Rig Mats used for?
Access/Rig mats are portable platforms that are can be used as structural roadways to provide passage over unstable ground, pipelines and much more. Typically Access/Rig Mats are used to support equipment primarily in the construction and other resource-based activities including drilling rigs, camps, tanks, helipads, swampy excavation sites etc.