At RVP we carry the equipment that the average carriers do not!  Our trucking division is specialized in oversized, overweight, over-dimensional machinery, rail equipment, transformers, and much more.  We offer services Coast to Coast in North America as well as 24hr emergency “HOT SHOT Loads”.  We believe that every load should be transported from point A to point B in the same condition that we picked it up. We are backed by a $750,000.00 Cargo Liability Insurance.

Our equipment consists of:

Our equipment consists of:

  • 9 axle trailers
  • Rail Trailers
  • Step decks
  • Tilt decks
  • Trombones
  • Hi-boys
  • RGNs

US Operating Authority

  • US DOT# 2510903
  • US MC# 870845
  • KYU# 340450

Canadian Operating Authority

  • NCS# MB1001011